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It’s a good feeling when everything just works. That’s why we offer more than just business smartphones – we also offer the means to keep them protected, managed and connected.

When you get all aspects of your service from the same trusted supplier, you can rely on hassle-free compatibility and comprehensive support.  

As a Finnish company with a global footprint, we provide a complete solution of smartphones, tablets and services for different business needs.

So, whatever your needs are, we can offer a combination of Nokia smartphones, tablets and services that can best serve your business.

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Enable Pro – easy to use and efficient EMM solution for Android devices

For effective and easy-to-use Android Enterprise Mobility Management, we offer HMD Enable Pro, our very own EMM solution. Benefitting from the latest Android Enterprise capabilities, HMD Enable Pro offers an intuitive and user-friendly solution for managing your company's device fleet.

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Luokkahenki utilising HMD Enable Pro to improve classroom air quality

Mold problems in Finnish schools drove tech start-up Luokkahenki to rethink the way air quality is measured. Students in the Luokkahenki program self-evaluate their health once a week using the Luokkahenki app on a dedicated mobile device.

However, Luokkahenki faced the challenge of making sure their devices were used correctly and for their intended purpose. Here's where HMD Solutions stepped in. Using HMD Enable Pro to deploy devices in Kiosk Mode, Luokkahenki was able to limit the use of their devices to their own app and block access to all other apps and browsers.

“Kiosk mode is essential for us,” Salminen says. “We can be sure that each of our phones is only used for its intended purpose: as an interface for our service. No one is able to surf the web or play games with our phones. This acts as a safety feature for us – it is useless if anyone steals it and you can’t use it as a mobile phone. Knowing it remains locked for our use is very important.”

Jaakko Salminen, Founder & CEO, Luokkahenki Oy

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Connect Pro – your business solution to trusted worldwide IoT connectivity

For a secure, IoT data-roaming connectivity service, check out HMD Connect Pro, our data SIM management solution that keeps IoT devices connected in over 200 countries with no fear of downtime.

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Vessel engages HMD Connect Pro to revolutionise patient data management

Vessel Connects, a distributor of premium mobile solutions to global healthcare enterprises, is on a mission to revolutionise the electronic collection of data from patients, doctors, and caregivers using handheld devices, so users can directly report the outcomes of clinical trials.

Using the HMD Connect Pro platform, Vessel can manage and control all device SIM cards and their usage in real time, enhancing visibility and security across all devices.

“HMD Solutions had the expertise and willingness to help us where others would have struggled. The Connect Pro management console is so simple, and we can oversee all SIM cards in our global fleet in real-time. We no longer have to guess how our SIMs are being used – now, we know exactly what’s going on.”

Scott Farmer, Director of Sales and Business Development at Vessel

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Remotely lock your financed assets with HMD Softlock

HMD Softlock enables remote locking of assets to protect financing and leasing companies from fraud and theft. Through the HMD Softlock platform, companies can remotely lock their financed or leased assets in case of late payments or if the asset is reported stolen.

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M-KOPA utilising HMD Softlock for Nokia smartphone fleet

M-KOPA, a prominent and fast-growing fintech platform, provides connected asset financing solutions for smartphones and other assets in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Using the HMD Softlock solution, the company can remotely lock its Nokia smartphones in the event of late payments or fraud risks. As a result, M-KOPA has been able to significantly increase device sales while reducing financial risks.

“HMD’s Softlock solution have allowed us to rapidly scale up our smartphone solution across Sub-Saharan Africa. Regardless of volume, the technology is robust and reliable, and the team are both knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs as a growing business.”

Jesse Moore, CEO and Co-Founder, M-KOPA

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Nokia smartphones and tablets for different business needs

As the manufacturer of Nokia phones, we at HMD Global are committed to the product quality and dependability for which the brand is known.

All Nokia Android One smartphones receive at least 3 years of monthly security updates and 2 years of Android software upgrades as standard, thus exceeding the update requirements of Android Enterprise Recommended program.


Accon avm uses Nokia smartphones for secure FMI enterprise communications

Accon avm, a Dutch auditor and consultant company, wished to upgrade its smartphone fleet in order to ensure high levels of security for sensitive customer data. A merger of fixed line and mobile communications infrastructure was also planned.

In order to enforce the company's security policy, 1,100 Nokia 7.2 smartphones were zero-touch enrolled into the enterprise mobile device management solution. A cloud FMI solution replaced the legacy PBX.

“As auditors and tax consultants, our employees constantly deal with our customers’ very sensitive business and financial data. This means that we won’t make any compromises when it comes to security.

For this reason, our IT partner, Benk Groep, advised us to purchase Nokia 7.2 smartphones based on Android One. This decision means that our employees’ smartphones will get frequent and quick security patches for a long period.”

Maurice Krutzer, IT department, Accon avm

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