IoT data plans for everyone

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M2M pricing made easy and transparent

No small print or hidden fees. No fixed contract terms.

With your free access to our Management Hub, you always have a complete overview of your spending with the ability to set up limits and alerts.

Well, you will also have to pay for the physical SIM card, but that is only once.

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HMD Pay per use - FROM JUST $0.01/MB.

Lowest IoT pay per use rate with HMD

With HMD Pay per use, you only pay for the data you use. Everything is simple and transparent - with no minimum order quantity.

We aim to always provide you with the lowest price in the market, with prices starting as low as $0.01/MB. Ask us to match other M2M offers today.

How it works: We divided the world into five zones, each with a determined price per MB. In addition, you must pay a monthly fee for network connectivity as well as a fee for the initial activation of the sim card.

All the services listed below included in your price


Global and local multinetwork connectivity

  • +200 destinations globally
  • Multiple networks available in most countries.
  • 2G/3G/4G supported in most of countries. 5G & NB-IoT in selected countries.

One central place to manage all sims

  • Easy to use Management Hub
  • Real time usage info for total control and fraud prevention
  • Easy delivery of virtual SIM profile to your SIM's.
  • Cost control and business automation

Automation rules and security measures

  • Ready API´s to manage your connections through your existing systems.
  • Use automation rules to increase productivity.
  • Strong security and GDPR compliant privacy. Data is always stored in EU.
  • Route your data securely from SIM to your platform.
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Future proof

  • 5G ready infrastructure
  • Multiple breakout points all over the world will guarantee low latency. 
  • Live diagnostics tools for system overview and to assist troubleshooting.
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Let's talk!

Provide us with a bit of information about your IoT use case, and we will tell you how HMD Connect Pro can boost your IoT connectivity.