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Building strong partnerships

Trusted connectivity

Nokia Wing

We have partnered with Nokia Wing to provide the most reliable and advanced IoT network in the world.

After all, when businesses entrust us with providing secure and consistent connectivity for their operations, they deserve the best.

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trusted sim solutions


We have partnered with Valid to bring you the most trusted SIM solutions on the market, based on innovation and cutting-edge technology, in order to provide a more trustworthy, secure, and digital world.

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Android enterprise recommended

Android Enterprise 

We offer a wide range of Android Enterprise Recommended devices to suit every type of business.

In addition, HMD Enable Pro, our Enterprise Mobility Management solution, utilises Android Enterprise Management API to provide you with the most up-to-date security and features. 

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“Our long-standing relationship with HMD Global has enabled us to co-create solutions that bring value-add to our customers, offering the most cutting-edge devices, tools and capabilities to help enterprises accelerate their Industry 4.0 transformation”
Shkumbin Hamiti, Head of Devices and Spectrum, Nokia Enterprise Solutions

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