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Real actions towards sustainability

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A commitment to people and planet

We’ve been working extremely hard on our sustainability strategy since 2017, and our efforts are paying off. We were recognized by the sustainability rating agency EcoVadis, which awarded us with Platinum status in 2022, putting us in the top 1% of businesses and 98 percentile of companies audited for their commitment to sustainable practices in the manufacturing of communications equipment.

To demonstrate our commitment to people and our planet, we’re now integrating a sustainability management system directly into our business strategy covering four focus areas: Environment; Labor and Human Rights; Compliance and Sustainable Procurement.

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At HMD, we take our responsibility to help protect our natural resources and prevent climate change seriously. As such, we have implemented our Global Environmental, Health & Safety Policy which all of our employees must adhere to. In addition, we have been ISO14001 certified since 2020. The ISO 14001 standard establishes a criteria and framework for setting up an effective environmental management system.

Reducing emissions

The effects of climate change are real, and it’s up to individuals and companies alike to do what they can to reduce that impact. That’s why we aim to reduce our emissions in line with a 1.5 future. To support the global effort of limiting global warming to within 1.5˚C, HMD Global is committed to a science-based approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our entire business. We’re aiming for a 50% greenhouse gas emission reduction by 2030, and to reach Net Zero by 2050. 

Product use and Product

Nokia smartphones have a superior build- quality and are made to last. All Nokia devices undergo 50 rigorous assessments before being approved for sale - this makes us an industry leader when it comes to product testing.

In 2020, we undertook lifecycle assessments for 100% of our products to understand where we could optimise our product design to have the least environmental impact as possible. In addition, 100% of our products obtained a so-called Eco Profile and ECOrating score during the reporting year.